Looking Ahead to 2018 and Beyond

We want to wish you a Happy New Year in 2018.  2017 was a year of anticipation and of disappointment.  But we look forward to 2018 with optimism and excitement.  We are grateful to you for believing in us and for the success we have had thus far.

We look forward to keeping you informed through this website, Facebook and email postings in the coming weeks and months, as this will help you to stay on top of this incredible initiative. Please subscribe to our newsletter here if you haven't already.

As we think about what lies ahead in 2018, it is that goal line in front of us in the distance that we continually focus on. Whether it is the bureaucratic process the federal government requires us to adhere to, the ongoing communications with the sponsored family, the fundraising initiatives being planned for the months ahead, the involvement of Peterborough churches and businesses, or the myriad of small actions that keep us moving forward, the Amany’s Hope Team will not lose sight of our goal – to bring a young Syrian family to the safety and security of Peterborough.

Why Peterborough?  The city has the nicest and warmest and most welcoming and forgiving people.  When you come over from a place of violence and loss to another place of safety and security, this City has exactly the type of people you want to meet.

Why Peterborough?  Because it takes a village (or city) to settle a family.

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Thank you again for stepping up to the plate and being part of this incredible initiative!

Have a wonderful 2018!

Siggi Buschhaus
Chair, Amany’s Hope Sponsorship

As part of the Living Hope Christian Reformed Church of Peterborough, a CRA registered charity, you will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your donation. Please, donate today.

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