Christmas Message from the Chair

Christmas is coming very soon and there is so much to enjoy about this special time of the year. Our saviour came into the world, not as a mighty undefeatable king, but as a helpless child, humbled and cradled in a feeding trough. One part of the Christmas story that isn’t talked about very often is what happened after the three wise men bearing their gifts had come and gone.

The infant Jesus, with his mother and father, Mary and Joseph, had to flee their country. They became refugees. They needed to flee for their lives to a strange country to get away from the tyranny of the king that ruled over them.

And like the Christmas story, Amany’s Hope goal is to bring a refugee family safely to Canada, away from the tyranny of the evil that is destroying Syria.

As we draw closer to Christmas, we reach out to those the Lord puts on our hearts to share with and to encourage, a gift or a prayer. This time of year provides us with so many opportunities to share His love with the world around us.

With your help, we can bring this refugee family out of the wilderness and safely to Peterborough. Please consider what you can do to help our refugee family. Go to to donate. Thank you!

Siggi Buschhaus
Amany’s Hope Sponsorship

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