Final Update

Our commitment to support the Alyosef Family is coming to an end by the end of August.

The Family is settling nicely, learning to live in their new adopted land. We are still trying to deal with a few health issues, as expected when one hadn’t had proper health care for a decade.

Because of COVID-19, some of those issues as well have been delayed. The new baby, which arrived in June, is doing well.

A couple of struggles we are still dealing with: If you know about a 3 bedroom house or apartment at a reasonable cost, please let us know. With three children the present apartment is not quite big enough.

Also if you know of a car that is in reasonable shape and repair for them, let us know that as well. The Father is working at getting his drivers license.

Lastly, because of COVID-19 we were not able to carry out our last planned fundraiser. If it is within your heart to cover the last few needed Dollars, we would be very appreciative of that. Make out any cheques to: Living Hope Church, 1 Consumer Place, Peterborough, ON K9L 0C5.

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the last 2 years to bring this family to safety, and just in the nick of time. Lebanon is not in a good position right now, as per the latest news.

Please keep the Family in your prayers. A new beginning in a strange Land is not easy.

Also a huge THANK YOU to the Amany’s Hope Committee members: Steve Elliott, Laurie Elliott, Anita Mahy, Charlie Reitsma, Heather Buschhaus and the Deacons of Living Hope. What a successful effort by everyone.


THANKS BE to GOD for all the grace and mercies received

Sincerely wishing you God’s blessings

Siggi Buschhaus

Chairperson, Amany’s Hope

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