Fantastic news from Lebanon!

It has been 20 long months, but we have received the news we’ve all been waiting to receive.

Our sponsored refugee family has cleared the last of the required screenings and are now being prepared for departure to Canada on August 25th!  Great news indeed!

If you have been following the news happening in the Middle East, you will know that Lebanon is no longer a safe haven for Syrian refugees.  The Lebanese government is tearing down Syrian refugee camps that don’t meet minimum building codes and threatening refugees in other parts of the country with expulsion.  Syrians far from the border are routinely harassed, threatened, assaulted, robbed–as has happened to our young father and husband.

Our family is, understandably, overjoyed to learn they will be coming to Peterborough to join their parents.  But there is still work to be done over there before they board the plane for Canada.

The family will now be meeting with the Immigration Committee for an educational course, followed by a second meeting to secure the seal of residence and processing for travel.
Finally, the family will undergo a short medical examination before boarding the plane and leaving Lebanese airspace.

All of us here at Amany’s Hope are so grateful to all of you for your support, financial donations, encouragements and prayers.  We couldn’t have achieved what we have without your help.

We are overjoyed that Phase 1 is now close to be completed.  Phase 2 will be beginning shortly.  The family will be settled in Peterborough, where the integration into their new county and city will begin.  The young parents will be taking English lessons, and the father and husband will be hoping to put his technical college training to good use.

We are close to raising what we need to cover their costs for the first year.

With your help, we will be able to ensure the couple and their two young children will have the opportunity to contribute, and succeed, as new Canadian citizens.  If you contributed last year or this year already, thank you so much!

If you are considering helping us, please visit our donations website at
Your financial contributions will help put us over the top!

We look forward to keeping all of you up to date as the arrival date nears, and afterwards, as we all welcome our new Canadians to Peterborough and help them to become part of our great country’s mosaic!

There will be much to celebrate soon!

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